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    Pheromones - The Secret Weapon of Attraction

    You don’t have to be born with good looks to attract the opposite sex – sometimes a little charm can go a long way. But there’s a trick to the trade that those charming people aren’t telling you about – one that can double your appeal to the opposite sex almost instantly, no gym membership required. It’s based on the natural science of sexual attraction and it’s proven to enhance your love life. So what's the trick? Buy pheromones! Buy pheromones online direct from True Pheromones in a convienient spray-on human pheromone for men or women. Pheromone perfume will change your entire life. Guaranteed.

    What are Pheromones? How do Pheromones work?

    Pheromones are naturally occuring chemical compounds found in all insects, animals and humans. They are normally secreted in sweat and other bodily fluids. When pheromones are secreted they dictate sexual behavior and attract women or men. Pheromone is Greek from the word Pheran-to transfer and Horman- to excite. Pheromones are found throughout the living world and are the most ancient form of animal communication. They are nature’s aphrodisiac and, when applied topically, they can greatly improve your game, your relationships and your life. Buy pheromones in spray form to instantly attract women and men.

    Pheromones Attract Women. Hands Down.

    Until now, attracting the opposite sex has been seen as a difficult task. The majority of men think that good looks, lots of money, or high social status is a guarantee to 'get the girl' and without these specific traits they have no chance. While these traits certainly do help men attract women, they are by no means the solution to attracting beautiful women into your life. Studies prove that attracting women can be broken down into 5 major traits:

    1. Body Language
    2. Social Value
    3. Energy
    4. Humor
    5. Honesty

    According to studies, approximately 90% of all our communication is non-verbal. That being said, a strong posture goes a long way when trying to attract women. Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Take your hands out of your pockets and relax... Nobody likes someone who looks uncomfortable. The second thing that will help you attract women is social status or social value. How valuable is he within the community? Is he a leader or a follower? Do his friends like him? How do others perceive him? Women are looking for very similar things in men that we do in women so the next time your attracted to someone ask yourself "why?". Energy and humor go hand in hand when attracting women. Women are highly attracted to an energetic, free-spirited and funny men. If your boring and not fun your certainly not going to attract very many women. Being witty and fun, spontaneous and outgoing, unpredictable and sometimes a little irrational all creates a good charismatic vibe that will attract women like no-tomorrow. The best part of all this is that using pheromones can significantly reduce the importance of these traits. So if your lacking in one or more of the areas above I strongly encourage you to keep reading.

    So where do pheromone perfumes and colognes fit in when attracting women?

    Pheromones are like a light switch to attract women. When you wear them, attracting women becomes second nature. In-fact, pheromones are completely natural compounds that our bodies use to attract women. All species from insects to humans use pheromones for the exact same purpose. Attracting the opposite sex. Pheromone perfume helps you attract women from the moment they are applied to your skin by boosting your own natural pheromone levels beyond their normal levels. This makes you subconsciously stand out in the room like a soar thumb to women. Women will be highly attracted to you but they won't exactly understand why. This is because pheromones work on a subconscious level. Attracting women with pheromone perfume is effortless. All True Pheromones formulations are lab certified and contain 100% US made pheromone bases. You won't find better quality pheromones anywhere in the world.

    Pheromone perfumes and cologne act as switches for sexual attraction

    At TruePheromones™, we offer you a wide range of products each targeting a specific social effect. They're designed to be completely mix and matchable with one another and all contain the highest pheromone concentrations on the market.

    ♦ Go on more dates with TRUECommunication Pheromones or TRUERadiance Pheromones for Men

    ♦ Receive more affectionate gestures with TRUECharisma Pheromone Perfume or TRUETrust Pheromone Perfume

    ♦ Increase the frequency of someone opening you first with Attract Women with TRUEOpener

    ♦ Sleep next to more romantic partners than ever before with TRUELove Pheromone Perfume and Cologne

    ♦ Increase the frequency of foreplay with XXX Human Pheromone Spray

    ♦ Have more SEX than you ever thought possible with TRUEInstinct Best Pheromone For Men

    ♦ Increase trust & respect, sexual attractiveness, communication, warmth & openness with TRUEAlpha Pheromone Oil

    Read press reports on how buying pheromones can affect your love life »

    Attract Women and Men With Pheromones

    Researchers have shown in clinical experiments that male pheromones trigger a subconscious sexual response in women. These are the men women find irresistible, desirable and highly seductive. In one study, our pheromones were sprayed on only one chair in a dentist's waiting room. The other chairs were not sprayed. It was found women were more likely to sit on the chair that was sprayed with our pheromones than the others.

    In a similar study twin brothers were used in the testing. Only one of the twins was sprayed with the actual pheromones. Women found one twin brother who had the actual pheromone on more sexually attractive than the other. Now, remember these were twin brothers both looking exactly the same, but the twin wearing the pheromones was found more attractive. This experiment was conducted on the national TV show ABC 20/20.

    Men apply it to themselves in business to gain additional trust & respect thereby appearing more dominent or intimidating and sales people have found it highly advantages in their dealings with customers. Furniture companies have been known to use it in their showrooms to attract attention to a difficult-to-sell couch or chair. Think about that the next time your shopping...

    True Pheromones has been serving the pheromone community with high quality pheromone formulations for years. We are totally confident our pheromones will work for you. For this reason we offer EVERYONE a no-questions asked money back guarantee. If you’re not getting the same amazing results and are not 100% satisfied as thousands of customers out there, simply return your purchase (used or not) within one full year (365 days) and we will give you a full refund!

    Mens PheromonesPheromone Products For Women

    "Spray-On Seduction" - Buy Pheromones And Instantly Attract Women

    Pheromones attract beautiful women

    Ready to add romance to your life? Think you need good looks and lots of money? Think again... Now is your chance to change your entire life. Buy a pheromone perfume or cologne and start attracting women or men with your first spray.

    ► True Pheromones pheromone perfumes are lab certified formulas that are double the strength of other manufacturers with a perfect blend of pheromones to help you become more respected by everyone around you & highly attractive and desirable to the opposite sex. Buying Pheromones from True Pheromones comes with a 100% Money Back Attraction Guarantee for one full year.

    ► True Pheromones have created the only TRUE set of pheromone colognes pre-formulated for maximum effectiveness & strength. See for yourself... Join our Pheromone Forum or read client reviews and testimonials below.

    Read client reviews & testimonials on our pheromone colognes>>

    TruePheromones.com - Buy Pheromone Perfume and Cologne From The World Leader

    A world leader serving pheromone science.

    Pheromone Guarantee

    With over 20,000 customers in the United States, Canada and across the globe TRUE Pheromones provides ultra-high quality & potent pheromones which are lab certified and guaranteed to be effective for you. Feel confident and buy pheromones from the best of the best.

    TRY RISK FREE - Buy pheromones online and test our pheromone products out risk free! Rest assured with our 100% No-Question-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Read your personal guarantee

    With TRUE Pheromones you can rest assured knowing that your buying pheromones directly with a manufacturer of high quality pheromone products and that each production run is batch tested to ensure potency & purity before entering the marketplace.

    TruePheromones.com provides you with upfront and available contact information - we are the only pheromone website available almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week by live chat, email or telephone at 1-877-PHERO-77 - try finding even a fixed address on other less reputable pheromone websites...

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    Mens Pheromones Pheromone Products For Women

    Buy Pheromones Online - 100% Money Back Guarantee For One Year